Disc golf has seen unprecedented growth over the last year. With tournament broadcasts featured on CBS Sports Network and ESPN public awareness is at an all time high.

This year the disc golf World Championship is coming to Utah!

What is the best way for someone to get involved in disc golf for the first time?

Getting started with disc golf is very simple. You simply need discs, and a course or place to play.

Step One: Get a Disc Golf Set

The first step to getting into disc golf is purchasing a quality disc golf set. There are lots of different disc golf kits to choose from, but some are better than others. Some disc golf sets are actually designed for beginners. Other sets are simply a compilation of discs that a manufacturer happened to have. Some disc golf sets are made by companies who know absolutely nothing about disc golf, have never played disc golf, and who don’t know what the difference is between a bad disc and a good disc.

A disc golf set will typically have three discs, a driver a midrange and a putter.

The driver has a bevel edge and an aerodynamic profile allowing it to quickly cut through the air enabling maximum distance.

A putter has a blunt rim giving it a slower flight speed and allowing for more accurate, straight flying precision shots.

A midrange is somewhere in between. It provides more distance than a putter, but less distance potential than a driver.

Now, these are just the basics of a disc golf set. Professional and even intermediate disc golfers carry around dozens of different discs. In addition to the speed of the discs, there is also a drastic difference in the “stability” or the directions of which the discs will turn and fade when thrown at different speeds and angles.

There is a lot that goes into throwing disc golf discs, which is why it is important to select a good starter set, one that is actually designed for beginners.

Read this article for more great information on disc golf sets.

Step Two: Find a Disc Golf Course

The best place to play disc golf is at an established, dedicated disc golf course. Most courses are free to play. Many courses have land or area exclusive for disc golf where you will not interfere with other activities, but most disc golf courses are found on multi use parks or land where there may be conflicts with other activities.

To find a disc golf course near, you can use use simple websites like DiscGolfCourses.com. Here not only you can find nearby courses but view ratings from people who play and find a course that is adequate to your skill level.